AWOA (A Work Of Art) Infographic


PBS PostCard


GV Financial Infographicgv_draft3



infographic vintage blades




Howie Dumpty is a 2012 dark comedy directed by Jacob Kennedy. I served at the movie’s Art Director. My contributions include the DVD cover/menu, promotional materials such as the movie’s poster, and the illustrations that make up the ending credits. A link to the movie hosted on Vimeo is below.

SNOW DAY T-Shirt and SNOW DAY Print Ad

“SNOW DAY” was a Washington DC based bar crawl put on by Red Frog Events in December of 2011. The event was a huge success with a final attendance of over 2,000. I illustrated and digitally colored the design for the event T-Shirt, and aspects of that same design were used in a print ad to promote the event. The ad ran in DC’s On Tap magazine twice in December.


Here are some audio projects I’ve worked on. Click on the title to go to the player. Descriptions of each project are below links.

Personal Introduction Spec Tape

This spec tape served as an introduction to my capstone Audio Production course at MSU. Using sound effects, music, and narration I created a segment that looked to highlight my personality, and interests.

“Hourz of Power” Spot

“Hourz of Power” is a 3 hour metal/hardcore radio show on the MSU student radio station, IMPACT 89 FM ( voted college radio station of the year for the last 10 years by Michigan Association of Broadcasters…just saying) I used humor for this 60 second spot that focuses on just how extreme metal can be.

Man in the Box (Mix Down)




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